Begonias are one of the most versatile and easy to maintain plants in the garden. There are, however, several keys to producing spectacular plants. Below are answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Where should I plant BIG® begonias for best performance?
One of the best characteristics of BIG® begonias are their versatility. They can be planted from full sun to full shade and any combination in between. Unlike other annuals that have strict planting requirements, BIG®s can be planted virtually anywhere. 

How tall will BIG® begonias actually get?
Garden height is determined by several factors such as light level, heat, moisture and environment. On average, BIG®begonias will reach heights of 12-18" (30-45 cm). In warmer climates (USDA Hardiness Zones 7-11) with higher moisture levels, BIG® begonias may exceed 18" (45 cm) in height.

How far apart should I space BIG® begonias?
BIG®s are very vigorous and have a dense flower canopy that fills in very quickly. For best performance, we recommend that you space BIG® begonias 12" (30 cm) apart. To calculate how many plants you will need for your garden bed, use the following formula:
Area in square feet  x 1 square foot (12" spacing on center)  =  Total number of plants needed. 

What type of fertilizer should I use?
We recommend that you use an all-purpose fertilizer that contains high concentrations of nitrogen and potassium for good plant growth and flower formation. Each fertilizer contains an N:P:K ratio. Select a fertilizer with a ratio close to 24:8:16 for optimum growth. Liquid fertilizers are taken up more quickly by the plant, and you will see results faster with this type of fertilizer.

How often should I fertilize BIG® begonias?
We recommend fertilizing BIG® begonias once every 10-14 days. All-pupose fertilizers with a ratio of 24:8:16 can be found at your favorite garden center or nursery.

How often should I water BIG® begonias?
BIG® begonias are very versatile in their water requirements. They will withstand short periods of drought, but prefer a moist, well-drained soil. 

Do I need to remove spent flowers?
BIG® begonias are self-cleaning, which means they require no dead-heading or pinching!

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